About this blog and our protest

This blog gets published by one of the members of the protest held by Hizbollahi students, clergy, and bloggers.
This protest was held upon the invitation of the Justice-Seeking Students organization and supported by organizations such as some student Basij organizations and the Muslim Bloggers’ Organization.
This blog focuses on the unofficial news of the protest, the marginal issues of the protest, and the news from other student and hizbollahi bodies protests in other places.
The protesters’ demand is that the Islamic Republic government, based on the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, and also the decree of Imam Khamenei, the leader of the Muslims around the world, intervenes militarily in Gaza crisis, or, at least, send the protesters, as volunteers, to the occupied territories based on the decree of Imam Khamenei.



  1. Global Voices Online » Iran: A new blog and military intervention in Gaza said,

    […] Destination: Gaza is a new blog created by Iranian islamists who ask Iranian government for for a military intervention in Gaza. […]

  2. David said,

    you are all bunch of small little terrorists who just talk. you are an absolute disgrace for rich iranian culture. shame on you terrorists!

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