The news of the second day of our protest

December 31, 2008 at 6:23 am (Uncategorized)

The time now is around 6 a.m. Many of our guys have been awake for some time now in order to do their night prayers and other kinds of recommended prayers. Then everybody woke up and we all gathered outside the camp for the prayers and we figured out those who stayed for the night. They were almost more than 200.
I could not take pictures of the prayers since I was praying too. I would publish the pictures in case I found any. After the prayers, it was announced that we can have a break until 7:30, then the breakfast and finally the military exercises will be started.
Yesterday, a census of the people present in the gathering was gathered containing everyone’s name, school, and whether or not they have passports with themselves.
The author of these lines has three end-of-semester college classes today on all of which he has to attend. So I might be going to school in some hours. Even though I will ask the professors to let me come back, just to make sure the blog gets updated, I will give the password of the blog to a friend of mine.
The blog was set up last night at 10 o’clock and will from now on cover the news and reflections on the demonstrations more seriously, since after the growth of the number of visitors to the blog and the translation of the posts, the blog coverage has gained great importance for the Protest Leadership Council.
I will soon set up the Arabic version of the blog.
Apparently, Israel has sent a submarine to Persian Gulf to fear our revolutionary forces. If they are not afraid of fighting us, we are always ready to defend our territory in a war.


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